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How Apple’s iOS 14 Release may affect your Facebook Ads and Reporting!

As you may or not be aware, Very soon Apple will make significant changes and updates on iOS 14 that will effect Facebook ads as we know them. These changes will change how we get data from tools like Facebook Pixel and the update will affect businesses (like us) that use tools to target their audience, get conversion metrics, and advertise mobile ads. 

According to Apple, apps in the App Store that track users’ behavior must show a prompt to ALL 

iOS 14 users, following their App Tracking Transparency framework. Apple will no longer allow apps such as Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and many other apps to collect and share specific data unless the iOS users click to opt-in into tracking via the prompt. If they choose to opt-out, ad personalization and performance reporting will be limited both for apps and web conversions.

Whilst these changes aren’t ideal for businesses of any size, we need to do what we can to adjust to these changes. How we do this is by processing pixel conversion events from iOS 14 devices using Aggregated Event Measurement. It will not affect user privacy and will certainly help you run campaigns effectively. Below is what you should implement now in order to prepare for the changes.  

Facebook’s Aggregated Event Measurement allows Facebook to measure events and actions from iOS 14 devices. If you want to continue to measure your campaigns and deliver ads optimized for conversion events that are completed on your business website, Here are the 5 steps to action immediately in preparation for Apples changes:

5 Steps to Action Immediately to Prepare. 

  1. First, you need to verify your website’s domain to avoid any future problems with your website campaigns. You must verify your domain name for the effective top-level domain plus one (eTLD+1). 
  1. If you use multiple business or personal ad accounts, your first priority must be to verify your domain name. It will allow you to create pixel conversion events with Aggregated Event Measurement.
  1. The new limit for conversion events is now 8. You need to review and set eight web conversion events per domain name in your Events Manager. Aggregated Event Measurement will allow your domain names to include up to eight conversion events per campaign. Facebook will use the conversion events that are more relevant to your ad account based on your activity. Ads for conversion events that are not available will pause when Aggregated Event Measurement is available. Conversion events that are not available for optimization can still be used for partial reporting on Ads Manager and Custom Audience Targeting.
  1. If you have already set up your pixel with IMG tags or will do it in the future, we recommend that you follow the following documentation. Visit Facebook for Developers for more information.
  1. Still lost on what to do? You can read more on using Facebook pixel to reach devices on iOS 14.

If you want to deliver ads for your website events, you need to do all the actions that are listed above, and Facebook has recommended to do this before Apple make the changes. So, be quick and action now.  

No idea where to begin and need assistance in actioning the above? Get in touch with us and we will happily help you or guide you. 

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