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If the GOAL is to grow your brand over the next 6-12 months, Get On TikTok

TikTok is a fantastic platform fast track growth for your business and have a lot of fun doing so.

If you are ready to leap into short-form film for TikTok, and are a little unsure where to start, below a 10 EASY PEASY IDEAS to get you started and on your way to growing an engaged community.  

#1. Daily Routine

From influencers to entrepreneurs, day-to-day doings can be intriguing to your followers.

It can be as simple as your Monday Morning Routine to client meetings or even how you plan a proactive day.

#2. Share Inspirational Content

Helpful inspirational content is a chance to change scrollers into supporters/followers!

When conceptualizing, always consider what will resonate most with your followers.

Quotes can be fun, as well as customer and business wins are also great to share.

#3. SNEAK PEEK for new product launches!

The world is flooded with brands and consumer goods! Which can confuse your consumers! So rather than just designing and developing a product/service and throwing it up on your website, think about how to make noise with it.

A SNEAK PEEK  strategy can be simple yet successful. Sit down, pen and paper in hand and figure out 3 simple stories you can tell about your new product and to turn it into a short film.

BAM! You’re already closer to drumming up excitement with your brand new product!

#4. Educate Your Audience

Educating your audience on your product/service may just be your BIGGEST FLEX!!!!

3 simple ideas on how to educate them are:

  1. How To’s – how to use your product, how to buy your product, how to engage your service
  2. Pain Points – Showcase how you hit their pain points
  3. What makes your product or service different
  4. Help them get to know you – show your face and let them learn about the person behind the brand.

#5. Tell Your Story

So simple, yet can be fantastic at growing your audience and engaging them.

Simple Ideas:

  1. Your Why – Why you started the business
  2. When you started the business
  3. What your offer and why you offer
  4. Some of your business wins

#6. Share Tips and Tricks

What’s not to love about TikTok’s tips and tricks!

If you are lost for ideas, jump on TikTok, search your product or service “Kids Eyewear” “Social Media management” “Restaurants” and save all the great hacks and tips that you find with good engagement. Simply rework them into your tone of voice and own tips and tricks to grab your potential followers attention.

#7. Post A Vlog

Vlogs have been around for years!!! Well before short-form film was even considered.

One thing that is currently going viral on TikTok is Packing Orders. It’s simple and can be quite successful. 

Another idea might be to showcase the process of your product from design and development to ready-to-sell.

#8. Share Your Interest

So many ideas, but here are a few that are at the top of my mind as I write this:

  • The books that changed your life path
  • The books that taught you all you know about business
  • Life hacks that work for you
  • 7 days worth of outfits
  • What are your hobbies

#9. Create a Duet/Stitch

And last but not least do a Duet or Stitch.

I have done this, and love it!! There are so many great options across TikTok for you to duet. You could even make your own and request for people to #duet or #stitch back at you.

Like – Tell me you’re a Social Media Manager without telling me you’re a social media manager

Find an interesting and relevant duet/stitch option that will resonate and do it.

Always Remember Value!

Ensuring your short-films add some value is always key!!! And for the love of your business, please repurpose your short films and post them across multiple platforms.

TikTok’s can be repurposed onto Instagram, Facebook – both feed or stories, it can be added to your EDM strategy and could also be posted to your website as a blog.

REPURPOSING content is key for you and your sanity. So get on it! And tag me @thegoodcontentco in your new TikToks and repurposed content!

Still unsure what and how to do the whole TikTok thing? Get in touch to learn more about how we can help you.

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