6 Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement in 2021

We all know the forever changing algorithm plays havoc with our engagement and just how crucial engagement is for sales. So, if you’re stumped for strategies and are looking for ways to increase your engagement, take a look below where we’ve listed 6 easily-to-implement strategies to increase likes, shares, comments, and views:

  1. Find the best times to post
  2. Test and analyze new content types
  3. Create save-able Content
  4. Write longer captions
  5. Choose the right hashtags
  6. Publish more videos

1. Find the Best Times to Post

The time you publish your posts is EVERYTHING and will affect your engagement rates. If you publish content at the wrong times or times your audience is not online, you will miss the boat and not get engagement. On the other hand, posting when your followers are online will boost your results and probably get you more sales!!!

Instagram also LOVES profiles that get a lot of engagement, so posting at the right times will benefit you in many ways. So, get to it, check your Instagram analytics, find the best performing posts and the times you published them and start from there!

2. Test and Analyze New Content Types

Nobody like old and boring content, so the best way to find the content types that work for your account is to test, measure and analyze all the available options. Trial and error will help you to get enough data to figure out the best options. Here are some content types to consider:

  • You can post various memes, quotes, user-generated content, and mini-infographics.
  • Test video content on Instagram stories, Instagram Reels, and IGTV.
  • Test different Instagram stories styles

When you have published enough different types of content over a period of time, you can review the content types with the best performance in your Instagram Analytics and REPEAT.

3. Create Save-able Content


Another great way to increase engagement is through Instagram saves. When you share something that your audience wants to visit again, they will tap the save button and boom, your engagement will increase and hopefully sky rocket!

Aim to make your content interesting, something your audience need and want and make it so good they save it!!! 

For example, create carousels or videos with interesting tips, educate your clients on your products in a fun and exciting way. If your audience finds it helpful, it increases the chances of being “saved”. 

Customers or potential customers are likely to tap the save button when they get value from your post rather than boring and generic content.

4. Write Longer Captions

Gone are the days where an emoji was enough. These days, longer captions will have your audience spending more time in your posts which is another important metric for your posts’ performance. 

In 2021, The average caption length is 405 characters or 65-70 words. However, Instagram allows you to use up to 2200 characters. So, start using it. The length of 2200 characters is enough to tell your store, so tell it and add a lovely call to action in there too. 

5. Choose The Right Hashtags

The forever changing hashtag strategy! But heck, if you don’t use them, you’re missing out on 30 opportunities per post not to be found. 

In saying that, Hashtags help you to get more views and increase engagement in your posts. So, it’s critical to use the right hashtags that will bring the best results. Start to look at the hashtags are “target audience” are following and start to use them! 

6. Publish More Videos

It is well known that Instagram videos tend to get more engagement than any other content types. You can publish videos on your stories, posts, and Instagram reels and if it’s not part of your content strategy, stop reading this blog and start making a film. Your videos do not have to lengthy and complicated, but you can create short clips for your stories and reels, experiment with the length, and test different features.


As you read above, there are many ways to increase your Instagram engagement. Next time you’re making content, consider these 6 top tips and put them into action. Need help implementing them? Get in touch. or call 0452 454 542

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